Sunday, August 28, 2016

Practical training

Practical training is a must for engineering degree course.

During my study at UKM, our practical to be done during third year second semester.  Each students will be sent to engineering company selected by university.  During my time, two students for each company.  Most of companies are civil engineering consultant.

My friend, suntara and i was send to geotechnical consultant firm in Subang Jaya, GEA sdn bhd. 

We stay at ukm medical campus at kampung baru dan had to take bus every day to subang jaya.  We had to go out as early after suboh prayers to catch bus. Coming back from was more difficult as  Subang jaya at that time was very difficult and remote place not like today. If we miss bus, we had to wait for longer time. Later I bring back my motorcycle to commute from kl to subang.  Later I move to shah alam rent room with my office mate.

Last two months of training we was send to site office.  There was few engineers and supervisor which one of them I meet later when I start work at ipoh plus highway.
We learn so many things at site and one incident involving using mackintosh probe which I remember until today.
Mr resident engineer want us to carry out probe at filling area which we not aware that how hard was the compaction was. Normally mac probe was done at new or undisturbed area. After few hours hammering the probe, we cannot pull out the rod and had to call backhoe to help.

Actually what they done at Sime Uep was a controlled filling which newly implemented in the country.  This technique will allow immediate construction of house upon filling earth completed. Filling needed to filled at controlled thickness and testing will be carried out each layer.

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