Saturday, October 15, 2016

starting project

we had enter second month on this project since 29th august 2016.

Starting projects always not an easy things. Furthermore when we are on joint venture which this is first time we are going to implement consolidate joint execution of project. Our first joint venture was being handover to one partner to execute.

First joint venture agreement which need to agree and give to client. Next was agreement how to separate the builders work. Which partner want to do this and that and equivalent to partner equity. This matter i found was very tiring exercise which finally took almost two months to resolve!!!

Next was finding contractor and consultant site office. It made worst when we had no area to construct site office and to settle with rental building along 2 kilometer of our site. And consultant show their 'lancy' not to accept our proposal.

After settle with location, now to arrange renovations, table, chairs and others equipments to made our site office a better place to work.

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