Thursday, March 17, 2016

ayer keroh melaka

after Bosnia which me give different experiance, i move to new area in ayer keroh, melaka.

This group is not new to me as its also within our circle before. but they not involve in construction projects. They core bussiness are doing maintainance of road. I and my team  also had few bad experiance with some of them earlier especially when we become subcontractor to construct bridge which damage during big flood. Being internal contractor its like working with a monster. Almost everything is wrong and not good. But we manage to complete on time but still being branded as slow and late. Thats how people treat fellow collage in the same organization without realise that one day things might change. True enough  later i  been  there and even worse is i become their number two bos. Some people at managerial level which previously handle the job sometimes come and see me and comments few new things that i implement.

Office was at ayer keroh, melaka. like the place name 'keroh' that was the situation there.
Their name outside within contractor circle was very bad. late payment and poor management.
Lastly before i arrive, client give very poor rating  and i need to change fast without realise that successful was a disaster for me on later stage. i was there less that two years. just to improve image and PR, change some method of maintainance, revive morale of operation staff which was at very low, no motivation and main  thing change client rating and perspective. Client  bos very difficult and a task master. no compromise on any failure. even on first meeting with him, i feel it was a mistake to accept this assigment.
To make matter worst, my own bos also very difficult. Few of his lieutenant was also tricky. later he left with words that makes me motivated. he says, you will never get five star !!!!!!!
Together with new bos, Mr Eagle and few staff which sideline earlier,  we manage to change everything and get team back to normal and later manage to get five star from client. Client bos also became good friend.
This new success create another new enemy sincemany thought that i will failed. You will never known who and i never saw its coming to break partnership between my bos and me to avoid we become stronger. reality thats life in coorporate world.
During negotiation on extension contract,  i had another urgent call for new assigment.
As usual story look nice, back to Kl and bla..bla..bla.... And i knew this time i will be in area which not many survived.
but due to my hajj which i expected the followings year, i accept the job.

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