Thursday, March 10, 2016

live and work in Bosnia

i only know about Bosnia when its  with federation of  Yugoslavia which now not exist anymore.
about its communist ideologies, have good sports and football team with some name like muslim. also  contractor which have some projects in malaysia and famous leader name Aliya Izetbegovic.
when war broke down, only its was very clear where and what is Bosnia is about.

i never image that this country was so beautiful.

but i came at wrong time. not war but my company and project  has tricky tussle  with contractor there. their manipulation was extreme and beyond my imigination. worst part was how this happened without notice.
when i start interview the sub-contractors and discover many things that had been done, i thought locals take chance to sucks all the fund that available with so many ways. maybe post war people was so desperate to survived and purposely forget about ethics. our main contractor was so notorius eventhough they looks capable to complete the job. they also have own machinery and equipments for the project and have few good technical staff.
when contract been terminated and enter legal battle, i dont have much reason to stay longer and decided to end after six month as my original plan.

anyway during my stays there, i had very good friend from consultant. he is good technically as consultant, very religiuos and committed to islam. we still communicate until now eventhough his english was not good and forget already all simple bosnian language which smilliar to russian.

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