Monday, March 28, 2016

Becoming freelancer

I left construction as contractor after 22 years.

Initially i plan to have full exit of construction but its not that easy. once a contractor, looks like forever will be contractor. My attemp to be site consultant also not succesfull as one of bos consultant say i was over qualified due to age and no professional engineer.

After few months taking care of my wife, i had oppurtunity to be as project advisor on freelance basis. Work on four days a week at  one of road and bridge project in sepang. Unfortunately that project was  heavily sick  and already almost end of the  extension of time no 1.

I had difficulty to rescue this one due to no financial and bad construction team at site. things started moves well on the first month after wa had review some programme and method of work but after second month things become difficult due to no payment to sub contractors and suppliers.

In short it was failure of planning and monitoring of both financial and construction.
 i will share later on why some projects delayed or failed.

Then the project gone from bad to worse. it had been terminated. attempt to meet higher officer also failed and later we had to sue the project owner and my service ended after court granted to hold any action from bank until legal settle.

after two months break, i had new oppurnity to work on tendering for new highway projects.

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