Sunday, April 3, 2016

road marking

i never expect a mistake from simple road marking work.
neither i came across of mistake like this during my twenty years of woking.

i dont know how to describe how poor my supervisor or engineer when i see this during one of my site visit. The only thing come to my mind are quickly take photo for evidence and immediately bombard our head of state of  maintainance team and get them to immediately repair before our client notice.

this is an example how poor or no proper supervision will lead to bad outcome of work. i am very sure that our supervisor here didint event bother to monitor the work. he just tell our workers to carry out the work without given correct instruction and the workers that had no brain just draw the line without thinking to match the line with the existing one.

i dont want to listen to my team explaination on this case i as i told they are lucky not to be sack by me.

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