Monday, April 11, 2016

landslide at roadway

few years ago photo that i just kept for self reminding on what will happened if we didint do construction properly.

this kind of landslide at roadway happened during rainy season for few reasons.

1. no or not enough size of culvert across the road
2. embankmenk of road was not properly compacted during construction of road.
    not properly means during earthfilling, the builders didint use latest technique of filling such as
    controlled filling layer by layer 300mm thich with checking of compaction every layer.
3. road was constructed in hurry. limited time to complete or rushing for certain event.
4. no slope protection. minimum had to be closed turfing.
5. no side drain at both side of premix to control run off water.
6. soft gound underneath didint been treated properly.
    embankment straight away build of existing ground after site clearing.

But doing first time right will save a lot of money, energy  and time later.

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