Tuesday, April 5, 2016

why i am here

This photo was taken during my travel to terengganu few years ago. We stop at small town near oil industry area, Paka.

Amazingly this red pili for fire brigade was in the middle of acess and  parking area with yellow marking. That was very poor coordination of design, construction and compliance to authority.

How is it end-up like this? Its trully puzzle me as construction man and looks like now been accepted by everybody or people already tired to complaint.

Just for guessing, it might be after parking widening done, owner of the red pili didnt come to relocate. Relocation was not on original plan or contract.

Next question, how come designer left this in the middle of acess road without relocate it? Its impossible they didint notice before work start.

Looks like it will be like this forever.

Sadly that's happened in Malaysia and nobody bother.

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