Tuesday, April 5, 2016

where is your measurement tape?

This is also my favourite photo on what sometimes can happened at site especially when our engineer or supervisor dont use their brain to think.

We first seen this photo at meeting with our client  and it appear during their presentation. Eventhough they didnt mentioned from where and which concession  company but i can recognize from shirt that the guy wear.
My bos and i got mad with again our head of state Negeri Sembilan for his brainless staff. Poor Hj Razak got screw for nothing.

Listen from their explaination later was more sickfull.

According to them during visit from client at site to check defects of roads, they want to measure deppression of undulating section of pavement near the shoulder. Since nobody bring together measurement tape, one of client ask our supervisor to get small piece of tree branch to put like photo above. Nobody thought that it will be big issue later.
people who see this picture will interprate many things like why dont bring tape? why supervisor dont bring together measurement tape? how the measure any distance etc.
A lot of question mark on the supervisor or site engineer at site.

Worst part for me are why must  follow stupid instruction?

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