Thursday, April 7, 2016

ground treatment with surcharge

Back to my last poject with my second company in Kerteh.

I arrive at this project at early stage when site clearing and part of railway track start doing ground treatment works.

Many ground treatment design for this project since the track running at many soft gound area.

This photo was taken near site which w are doing ground treatment works. There also an electrical pylon which yet to relocate. Excavator still removing top soil while front part we already lay geotextile and sand blanket.

This location is at section after Kerteh river  near road to kerteh airport.
The treatment was just to remove top soft layer and laying geotextile separator. After sandfilling completed, earthfill  was carried out until surcharge level and leave for six month for settlement monitoring.
Base on settlement reading, geotechnical engineer will decide weather to continue surcharge time or surcharge can be remove.

Talk about geotechnical, here i had to deal with expert from India Dr Karibasapa. Since there are so many discrepencies between design and site condition, we had  proposed for trial pit to recomfirm design or decide depth or changing of treatment type specified. it was very troublesome since the stretch are about 30 kilometre and some not accessibly by jeep or car. we had to depend on excavator track to be at actual site.
I learn a lot about geotech here but not many photos taken. At that time handphone with camera was not available compare like today.

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