Monday, April 18, 2016

differential settlement

Last weekend when sending my sons to Nilai and Bangi, i choose to use toll highway which entrance and exit at Teluk Panglima Garang / Banting.

The differential settlement at some spot of this highway getting very bad as our Jazz car hit the gound many times when i didnt slow down. It was bad riding surface at certain area compare to other toll highway in the country. Few years ago i saw major repair near bridge area but looks like it was a continous problems for them.
For me, its too late to repair until satisfactory. They can only minimize settlemet by overlaying or topping premix regulary.

Only contractor and consultant know what happened during design and construction.

Few question always come to my mind when i travel using this highway.
1. What kind of design for ground treatment been used in this marine clay area.
2. Did geotechnical designer have enough site experiance when they proposed the design?
    Of course they have licenced to design as permit by laws but results not encouraging so far
3. Did contractor follow recomendation made by geotechnical designer? or bulldozing all the way
4. Did contractor have good site engineer with geotechnical knowledge?
5. Did the settlement monitoring being done accurately?

Finaly did highway open in rush due to financial reason? based on my experiance, i dont think so.

Meanwhile, user had to swallow when using this highway and becarefull at few location.

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