Monday, April 25, 2016

earth cutting

Cutting of earth or hills are one of important element in construction of highway or in above photo, railway track.
Earth or suitable material use to fill at excavated area which above ground water level and building of embankment.
Proper filling of earth or suitable materials called controlled filling which mean thickness of fill specified and compaction to be done using certain weight of machine such as roller with vibration. Density test to be carried out every thickness of filling. Normally filling height recomended are 300mm and roller must be with vibration.
Cutting of hills will involved cut of top soil, earth or rock.
As i involved in photo above, top soil are more than 100mm thick. when we carried out test for earth materials, it didnt pass to be suitable material for filling and we had to dump somewhere and it was costly for contractors as rate are normally very low.
For rock or hard materials, we had to arrange rock blaster to remove it for embankment. Process fro blasting more tedious since it involve dynamite which are controlled item which we need special permit to get it. Blater also must be a qualified with authorities.

And lastly dont forget to carry out surface drain silmutanously when cutting operation been carried out.

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