Monday, March 21, 2016

becoming chief

I reach peak of my carrier here.

i never expect this. No matter what people will say about my performance later, i still proud to be there for three years and completed few assigments.

Game was very different at top  and politics had been more that technical. every move and decision that we made, there will be different opinion and evaluation. tough part was i had to rescue again our major projects after few senior staff was fired. to juggle both was not easy. after things settle down, my right hand man was required at other group. eventhough consent given later by me but i still believe the was an agenda against me. but thats the life at top. fighting against tide also will made us tired. agreed everything also will stress us. the best thing is concentrate what we do and finish off as quickly as possible.

i am not ready to write all my experiance here but after complete the biggest job that we have, i decided to take leave and if possible left the group.
Later after almost fourteen years in the group i decided to leave for reason only i know .   i never share with anybody but my trust with the group had gone forever.

My new life as freelance begin after this exit.

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