Monday, February 29, 2016

left and returned

we always made decision base on our emotions and its always happened to me that it was not a good and successful decision.
it happened again this time and that what almighty want to teach me.

indah khabar dari rupa. that what old malay always says. grass not always greener on the other side.

this time it hit me hard.

the day i report for work they tell me that project that i supposed to handle near my house at port klang already have manager and i had to go to another site at port dickson which manager there is about to leave the company.
since i had no choice, i had to be outstation again. its not what i expected but decided to give a try.

when i arrived, i found the project was worst than previous. monitoring and control of works and material wa very big issue. dicipline amoung staff was also bad especially those which related to owner.  as usual i try to change but again time was aginst me and client already start pressure very hard eventhough i know the consultant very well.
another blow was atitute of my immediate bos which less respect for practising of prayer. in one ocassion he came during friday prayer time and get me to visit site with him and i miss that weekly pray. that was the last event that i decided to say goodbye eventhough i just be there for two month only.
one fine day my ex bos from besut called and ask what i am doing now. after i tell him that i looking for new job, he ask me to be back and assit him at head quarters. i find that suite me and decided to returned.

i am now based at head quarters as operation head to manage site issues from far. setting-up now also smaller. we only have small bridge project at melaka and johor. at same time had to closed account all project we had complete earlier. many interesting things i found during this assigment especially when projects been handover to client and nobody taking care to properly closed account and get back retention or released project bond. one occasion variation cannot be process because paperwork not complete. the also cases we use other company to carried out work and had problems to get final balance payment.
Bad things when everything was on track again, company will get you to do other assignment. they always think you starting to be complecent.
Now they want me back to india on monthly basis. this time i just go and meet back my former staff which i thought will never meet them again. i enjoy every trip and we also planning to shift head office from chennai to vijayawada.  shifting completed and had tried new office. never think that it will be over for good for another oversea assignment when i go for india trip in december 2008.

i always enjoy this assignment. maybe this time i stay with my family. but as happened before, it only last for one and half year and i will be on trip that i never think before.

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