Thursday, February 11, 2016

my working world - percon

after i left ireka, my next destination was a bumiputra company and have link indirectly with goverment. But construction in contractor environment are the same.

It was total opposite from previous company. new management style and community. i am blessed with both mix of working culture which later i found very usefull when i became leader at site or company.

i started 2nd january 1996. station at HQ. again in KL town. travelling from klang was very hectic with my second hand nissan sunny .  There i attached to  technical team under GM operation together with another senior engineer, musa and a young fresh engineer. our task was preparing technical proposal for tender.  i stated become boring with this new assignment but it was good for my married life. after six month, i was assign to Kesas highway project at klang. what a bless. it was not very far to my rental house in kampung sri pandan, klang.

in Kesas highway project i again involved in ground treatment, earthworks, re wall and start bridge structure. but this time ground treatment work was more advance from my first highway project since all ground below  was marine clay.
 then i start to  know about PVD or vertical drain which been installed after site clearing work been done. before start we need one layer of sand for machine platform and drainage layer. here we need almost one meter thick of sand. after PVD done, we need to put another layer of sand. then only we start earth filling until stage 1 and start monitoring. rest period of time required during this time before we continue next filling activity until design surcharge level.
another sensitive ground treatment that i involved here is vacuum treatment. it was so sensitif that only one light machine allow during early start of sangfilling and it had to be done on alternate day. luckly its involve in small section only. now jalan telekon bridge run above this section. earthfilling operation also on alternate day. if settlement reading reading was high, we need to wait for another day. we also had to becarefull to avoid vacuum being burst.
for area which TNB pylon run above proposed highway, PVD cannot be done due to machine too close to cable, pile jack-in need to be done.

during this project my deliver twin boys.  now as project engineer and a father of new born twins.
life was managaeble due to working quite nearby and have understanding boss and all site team.
during this time also, me and my wife start looking for our permanet house. we had choosen one at taman sri andalas.

as usual, priject come to finishing line. where is my next destination? quit or stay with current company but they dont have anymore projects in klang. it must be to KL or outstation.

company had decided to send me to new highway project near sg klang in KL. there will be totatly new team there include foreigner. the politics there was to heavy since they are few foreigner which alway want to show that local was fool. i had seen this in KLCC few years back but never involved with any. not this time. i was send to ampang that fabricate and assemble gantry.after few month there, one day senior engineer from site HQ call me to assembly truss at one of crosshead without realise that it was the first one to be installed in that project. i never saw that dirty tactics coming from one indian and filiphino engineer. they told that they had arrange everything and give me the drawing to installed without i know that the fabrication of truss was wrong and cannot be installed. i been made scapegoat that local cannot work and they want to kick me out from the project. later i realise that parent company had  already started to remove other foreigner engineer at other section. what wandering me until now since the truss was the first to installed, why  dont foreign engineer that so call expert to installed first and we local learn from them? we found out later that they also dont have any knowledge also. just have a good talk and convince everybody that they know everything.
what an expensive lesson for me and we must be sensitive on what happening around us.
After that  incident, i still continue with same project but different section. joint back with my previous boss.

after that section complete, in year 1999, i move again. this time out station to kerteh, terengganu. leaving my three and half years old twins with their mother and newly born sister.

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