Friday, February 12, 2016

my working world - kerteh, terengganu

i was outstation  in terengganu in 1999. First time i been outstation away from my family in klang. i was away from my home town perlis at 13 years old when i enter boarding school in kedah.
i been to kerteh few days before fasting month. that raya was my turn to celebrate raya in my wife home town in terengganu. their culture was not alient to me due to my marriege with local girl but stay outside terengganu. my adjustment was fast. i was no problem with food and local atitute.
but not with the work.

this assignment was very challenging due to shortage of engineer. this time we are doing railway track from kerteh to border of terengganu and pahang in kemaman.
i had to supervise all 30kilometre stretch for earthwork and ground treatment operation. groun treatment was same like previous highway job except this time i will involved with new ways to treat soft ground.
i consider have seen almost all type of treatment available that had been done in malaysia. give me  a lot of knowledge in this area of civil engineering. later this geotechnical knowledge give me some experiance and clue of any embankment failure. This project have all treatment from normal excavation unsuitable material and replace with suitable material,  PVD , dynamic compaction, stone column and pile embankment.
Dynamic compaction specialist was Menard geosystems and stone column was done by Keller. both team was headed by engineer from french and german. they always want to show that their treatment was the best in town. that was their attitute which teach me a lot of things.
anyway both treatment are for different type soil condition.

i also had to handle own earthworks operation after our subcontractor failed. here again i encounter with embankment failure as photo shown on this blog cover. before this there was embankment failure also at kesas highway. here also sama as soft ground also from marine clay but not so sensitif compare to klang area.
failure sometimes from design. sometimes from contractor own fault to experdite filling works without consider weather settlement are rapid or not. soft clay are very sensitif. if you load heavy and faster, it will react and move. the good geotechnical consultant or engineer will always give advise to contractor to monitor settlement. and if nessesasary we need to alternate filling works to reduce loading then we need to do so. late one day is better rather than we had to struggle repair the embankment that had failed.

when this project come to end, i need to reconsider my position. same as before, stay or back to K near my family. then i decided to end my stay with the company and try my luck as project manager.

again i chose december end 2000 to end my stay in the  project and back to KL with the hope that i will be nearer to my family.

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