Sunday, February 28, 2016

my working world - besut

as mentioned earlier that i should be on monthly basis to india after my first six month stay.

but there was other plan to me. i had been told to be in besut for project that i should be going after gebeng complete.  few of my engineers at gebeng already been there. project contract duration left only three month. another disaster for me.
how to save and experdite the project there was the hardest in my career so far.
major issue here lack of understanding of design , method and communication with designer and supervising consultant. anticipating future construction problems and managing work at site also and issue. another issue that i call 'undercurrent' also contribute. engineers ans supervisors after some time  not ready to raised any problems because they think noboby will solve and prefer to solve themselves. this will lead to bos been caught off guard and problems discover late or by other people outside team. clearly communication breakdown heavily.
performance of architect and consultant also poor. coordination of design between them not been done effectively and hope contractor to manage. understanding method proposed by contractor also contribute as we know actual comments after work to start eventhough approval of method statement had been given earlier. many sub contractor left after they just mobilized and discover consultant want other things.
when this had been solve, we move better but need more time expension and finally complete with another time bom to explode. but we manage to get certificate practical completion.

then i thought that its my time to leave. i also didnt get appreciation what i had done. few get compensation after company decided to close the operation and i miss that.

i tendered my resignation after get another job at port klang.

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