Thursday, February 11, 2016

my working world - ireka

As i mention earlier, since graduate in 1992, majority of my work are   with contractor.
only less than two years i had opportunity to work with road maintainance company.

My first assignment are in ipoh with Ireka-Gkm jv which construct new highway for PLUS from ipoh to simpang pulai. there i involved in scope of work such as earthworks, ground treatment, re wall and roadworks.
This is one of my most enjoy working life eventhough working environment are very tough.

I aslo meet new fresh graduate from different background. kang mas and wak  kos are graduate from US. Pak ku from UTM and myself a local graduate from UKM. we stay in house provide by company with another senior engineer which also graduate from US.
Later stage we had been joint by graduate from UITM. yazid, mail, zamri, hamran, shukri and rengoi.

What and enjoy time for all bachelor like us. we always have time for sepaktakraw and go fishing at teluk batik and overnight there.

After complete that project, i and wak move to new small project at sg buloh. still mr yap as our project manager. i miss opportunity  to go prestige KLIA project. many of others engineers from ipoh site go there. this time i work with a very small team, we are to construct facilities for cement company from ipoh. they want to built a cement storage area or depoh  for cement from ipoh send by train. from there cement will be distribute to klang valley area.
we stay together at bandar baru sg buloh. this time old man surveyor, ah meng also with us.

After sg buloh pack II project complete, all of us go to new project at KLCC.
oohhh...not the main tower but we will construct district cooling tower which supply aircon to both tower. i and wak still staying at sg buloh and travel every day to site in heart of KL.
i had many experiance there. first construct using top down construction method. that means after bore piling work, both work below and above ground layer start simultaneously. i had opportunity to in charge the under ground and later on top also. we had the biggest pour in the company history which ended almost two days concreting.
forget to mentioned that this team eventhough still headed by mr yap, we had senior engineer azam above us.
second which i cannot forget are dealing with resident engineer from ireland. how tough it is but at the end i had biggest praised from him when i left to another project.

i and wak still bachelor but i meet my future wife during this time. she working at school in klang. the same school that i go for nadwah in 1983. what a coinsidence !!!! i not sure what i had done when i was there earlier.

after working at KLCC , i move again. this time moving alone to start new Lembah Beringin Interchange project. it was away near tanjung malim and i still reside at sg buloh together with wak. work life are very tough as the only access are from sleepy town kerling through track road. we cannot open any access from PLUS highway. any material either come from kerling or if possible load from highway to our site but it required permit with temporary traffic management. as engineer, it was my duty to ensure all applications for lane closure are approved and section manager at that time really give me hard time. construction was really difficult especially when rain come. if we are inside the site, we might trapped and cannot move out. it has to be tow or left there until the next morning. other option which not good at all are to left site early which is not my principles.
then i got married and move to stay in klang and travel every day to site. few time i fell asleep while drive and almost crash. i feel its time already  to move away from the company to accomodate new my new life without realise that construction world with contractor is same every where.
even the owner of company was so upset that i decided to left the company which they just give me new proton wira car.

on december 1995, i left the company which give me first oppurtonity and many experiance and friends which i still cherish  until today.

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