Thursday, February 25, 2016

my working world - india

assignment to india was never in my mind but i accept as it was destiny for me that decide by almighty for many reasons as i discover later. it was more to spiritual journey to me and i discover many things in my life there that i not ready to  share here.

i set my foot in new delhi airport on 10th january and few days later discover that my new bos is about to leave the company. he just waiting for me to arrive.
all the suddent i had to be head of india operation and alone. no more malaysian working in the company during that time. i had to start to deal my all local indian staff. it was very challenging since all aspect of culture are totally different. as many people always say, oversea assignment will change many things either positive or negative.
good things is about survival. survival to live and to work with new environment and india is very hostile but good things is english is widely spoken and that had remove many barriers and made my life easy.
my assignment this was very different from before. maintainance work which company had share in conssesionare had just started. a lot of things to tidy-up and final account previous project also yet to finalize. the the  most difficult one was to start deal with arbitration work which earlier been terminated. no foreign company had succesfull in fighting arbitration with indian goverment before. its will be miracle to win due to lenghty and complicated process. aften ten years the overall judgement still not out.
during this assignment i stay in apartment Alwarpet in chennai, tamil nadhu. never image that i will staying alone in foreign country. what a paintfull experiance but i manage to stay for six month. eventhough i had driver and cook but still lonely was the most things that difficult to manage. later i had to find ways to overcome my loneliness. one of the was every sunday, i will get my driver to go to chennai beach to buy fresh fish. every morning fisherman will be back from sea and sell the fish at beachside and bring home for my maid to cook.  other this was going to malaysia restaurant which branch was in chennai. malaysian food was availabe there with indian taste.
later i manage to get in touch with other malaysian contractor working in chennai. they are doing road widening works. we first meet at pelita also. what a surprise.......the engineer i meet is rozihat, my junior during university days in Bangi.  during my final year, i joint them doing survey camp  at cameron highland. we never bump to each other in malaysia after graduate but interestingly meet in chennai, tamil nadhu.

cut short my indian venture, i decided to left after my first six month . first thinking of looking other other new job in malaysia but been offered oppurtunity to be in head quarters and come to india on monthly basis.
i thought this will suite me but never expected god plans.

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